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Smart Handz™ Hardware Support – Technology has changed, Maintenance has NOT… Until now.

Is it time to modernize you support services? Do you have costly maintenance contracts? When was the last time you evaluated how many support calls you have had? What is included in your support contract? Have you considered what Augmented Reality could mean for your...

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Is the warranty on your Data Center Storage about to expire?

  Are your storage maintenance contracts about to expire? Do you have legacy storage systems supported by the OEM? Is your annual storage support contract to expensive? Have you considered the costs for keeping your storage devices after the original warranty expires? If the answer...

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5 Reasons to Invest in PC as a Service (PCaaS)

Working PCs are absolutely critical to business productivity and competitiveness.  PC as a Service (PCaaS) provides employees with the ultimate in computer support and service  throughout the lifecycle of the PC.  PCaaS includes hardware (laptop/desktop) procurement, configuration, deployment, management, security, maintenance and service - and finally - retirement and...

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The Main Benefit of Using IT Managed Services Today

As your business grows and you add more computers, more data and more employees, you might consider help from an IT managed services company. IT managed services don't have to replace your current IT department. Instead, they work hand-in-hand with your current staff and can free up your valuable employees so they can work...

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Modernizing legacy HP-UX servers and application

Do you have any legacy HP9000 PA-RISC based servers that you would like to modernize? Do you have applications that are critical to your company, but the server they are running on is 10+ years old? Have the developers of your applications all retired or...

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Third Party HP MPE Software Support

Third Party HP Support Multi-programming executive (MPE) software, developed by Hewlett- Packard, is a real-time business software operating system. It was introduced in the early 1990s, and HP discontinued it in 2001, with HP support ending in 2010. However, a number of businesses still use...

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HPE Hardware Support for your Business

HPE / HP Hardware Support You’re a mid-to-large sized business owner, and your company has been successful without a dedicated Information Technology service provider. As with all aspects of life today, your business relies on technology to run smoothly. Databases, emails and spreadsheets are just...

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The 15 Key Don’ts Regarding Your Server’s Health

A quick review on the Internet confirms that many versions of Server Maintenance Checklists exist. With no disrespect to those Server Maintenance Checklists, we saw the need to take a slightly different approach by compiling a list of what not to do. To us, it’s...

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Technical Support

Outsourcing is a big decision for a company to make. While you may think that your clients or customers have everything they need, hiring outside IT Technical support will often improve the quality of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. Whether you're a...

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Getting SUN Software Support in a World of Oracle Products & Services

Are you having issues not only with Oracle / SUN software but also with Oracle / SUN software support? In the past, problems have arisen with Sun storage servers. Bugs caused by updated versions of appliance software have caused havoc with many Sun product users. Clients...

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