Smart Handz™ Hardware Support – Technology has changed, Maintenance has NOT… Until now.

Is it time to modernize you support services?

  • Do you have costly maintenance contracts?
  • When was the last time you evaluated how many support calls you have had?
  • What is included in your support contract?
  • Have you considered what Augmented Reality could mean for your support?


Service IT Direct’s Smart Handz is the first Enterprise Class Augmented Technology Maintenance product that delivers Best in Class Services at a staggering savings.  Define staggering?  Try 50%-85% off of what customers are currently paying in support today.

Smart Handz allows us to diagnose and make the repairs for the client remotely.  “We have always been known for our Engineers which are no doubt the best the industry has to offer.  Many of them have been part of the OEM Pre-production design and support Teams responsible for rolling out their latest and greatest technologies.”  The problem for us was that when they were in the field many of our other customers didn’t receive their direct benefits.  Now, fueled by COVID, everything has gone virtual and the technology we employ allows our teams to work remotely and provide the absolute highest quality repairs that are available in the market today.”  Those Engineers, says Roberts, were only fully utilized between 10-18% per month which was the bulk of our service costs.  Now, with almost a 100% utilization, the bulk of our costs have shifted to parts.

“We start with the client’s existing service contracts and build a customized service solution for them that meets their current needs.”  We guarantee that we can slash their support costs anywhere between 50-85% for most all IT products.  We can shorten response times and even provide immediate resolution with custom designed on site part kits.  “By using the customers IT Team as our field hands, we no longer have to staff our outside offices with 6 figure Engineers and deal with vacation, sick time, training, and depth, etc.”

Service IT Direct has been providing fail proof mission critical IT services for over 30 years and currently maintains 10% of the Fortune 100.  Smart Handz will redefine how all future services will be provided.

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