Is the warranty on your Data Center Storage about to expire?


  • Are your storage maintenance contracts about to expire?

  • Do you have legacy storage systems supported by the OEM?

  • Is your annual storage support contract to expensive?

  • Have you considered the costs for keeping your storage devices after the original warranty expires?

If the answer to any of these question is “YES,” I have good news for you.

Here are 3 Options you can chose when your Storage Warranty Expires:

  1. Repurpose these system for Test and Development
  2. Use them as secondary backup systems
  3. Choose Alternate Support provider to save anywhere from 40-70% off Manufacture Support Pricing

Many companies do not realize that they have choices at the end of the warranty period on their servers and storage devices.  According to Gartner, “Third-party maintenance is one of the options that procurement should always explore as a cost-savings opportunity.”

Also according to Gartner, “Using a TPM can have significant benefits, including hard dollar savings, the ability to escape OEM post warranty maintenance increases, the ability to extend the life of IT assets, and having additional flexibility in contract structure.”

If you would like to read more about why you should look into Third Party Storage Support.  Check out these links:

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