What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup ServicesData is abundant. Finding the right cloud backup services to hold your information is not easy. There are many companies and many factors that assist in deciding what cloud backup provider you should choose, either personally or on behalf of your business. When it comes to making the final decision, there are key factors to remember as you compare providers.

1. Storage.  Perhaps the most obvious factor in this decision-making process is the amount of purchased storage. Comparing the prices of required storage to overall price is a quick way to find the most storage space for the least money. Finding a company that is also flexible with the amount of storage purchased allows for your business–and information–to grow without worry.

2. Disaster Recovery.  With so much data in the hands of one cloud backup service, it is crucial to find each company’s protocol for disaster recovery. Though cyber attacks or natural disasters are few and far between, worst case scenarios should always play a role in decision-making. If something were to happen to your files, you should have the peace of mind of knowing that your information will not be permanently lost.

3. Information Backup.  Whether or not a natural disaster wipes a slate clean, learning how often a service backs up its information may make or break a company. If a provider backs up their cloud storage more frequently, less data can be lost. That way, data can be stored without worrying about whether or not a disaster could wipe out newly added information.

4. Security.  Because your information is valuable, security should remain a top concern with each service provider. Files should be uploaded with certainty that no hacking can take place and potentially compromise a user or the entire company. Cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent, and your cloud storage should be evolving to address this issue.

5. Customer Service.  When purchasing a cloud-based backup solution, customer service should be taken into consideration. If and when something happens, being able to speak quickly to an employee creates trust between client and company. Friendly voices instead of an automated messaging system are a sign that a provider cares about their customers.

Making a decision about which company to use for cloud backup services is not easy. However, some companies are trusted more than others. To get in touch with a company you can rely on, visit Service IT Direct at https://www.serviceitdirect.com/ and discover how they can create your ideal backup solution.